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Christmas markets in Bremen and Germany

The days are getting shorter and colder, the holidays are approaching and the year is almost over. It is the ideal time to celebrate with family and friends the year gone by or simply to toast for the nice moments together. What better way to do it than strolling through the Christmas markets. Christmas markets in Germany are well known and loved all over the world. What better way to bring life and light to the dark days of December than with lots of Christmas lights, music and typical food?

Christmas Market

It is said that the first Christmas market appeared in the city of Munich in 1310. So that's a lot of years of tradition impossible to lose sight of. Due to the pandemic in year 2020 it was the first time in many years that Germany could not have this beautiful tradition – but this year many cities are prepared with everything to come back. They usually start at the end of November and last until Christmas. During that month they are open every day and offer visitors games, drinks, food, music and a good time. 

Christmas markets can be found all over Germany in different sizes. There are huge Christmas markets that attract thousands of tourists as well as small markets that are less well known. One of the largest, best known and loved is the Dresden Christmas market, followed by the Christmas markets in cities such as Düsseldorf, Berlin and Frankfurt. And now that you are in Germany you can't miss them! Each market has its own magic and you can fall in love with each one, we promise you!

Bremen is ahead in the list of Christmas markets and offers not only a charming market but also a picturesque medieval market. So, you have twice the chance to get into this beautiful tradition without even leaving Bremen. The Christmas market takes place in the middle of the market square – around Bremen's Roland statue (UNESCO World Heritage Site) in the beautiful old town and with the smell of roasted almonds, you feel like you've been transported to a Disney Christmas story.

Moreover, the medieval market is held not so far from the market square, allowing you to go from one market to another on foot without any problem. This medieval market is held on the "Schlachte". This is the Weser promenade where many restaurants and bars in Bremen are located. That is why this market is also known by the name of "Schlachte Zauber".

It will take you a few visits to the Christmas market to sample all they have to eat, drink and do. To give you an idea of what are the most classic foods and drinks that you must try:

  • Roasted almonds: They come in packs of all sizes and different flavors. 
  • Crêpe: Whether savory with cheese or ham or sweet with Nutella or applesauce, the choice of filling is very wide and there is something for everyone.
  • Bratwurst: You know it, Germans love sausages. That's why you'll find them everywhere at this event.
  • Mulled wine: It's cold and sometimes you can't feel your hands. What better way to do that than to have a hot drink in your hands? And if this hot drink contains alcohol? Voilà, Germans love mulled wine in winter. You can also order your mulled wine with "Schuss," in which case a shot of rum goes in.
  • Raclette: It's basically a lot of cheese with toppings of your choice.
  • Potato: Of course, the potato can't be missing from a Christmas market. It comes in a potato pancake version with something sweet or a savory version with sour cream.


These are just some of the many foods that you will discover while strolling through the market. So, our recommendation is to go hungry! You won't regret it.

Whether in Bremen or in another German city, the Christmas market is an event not to be missed! Enjoy it, have fun and take beautiful pictures that you can share with us!

Please note the on-site access restrictions due to the pandemic.