Visa Process

How to apply for a student visa

Find out more about the visa process. Make sure that you apply for a student visa as early as possible. The process may take up to several weeks.

Appointment at the embassy

Make sure that you start your visa process even before you have received your admission letter from Hochschule Bremen. Please apply for a visa appointment at the German embassy right away. It may take weeks before you will get an appointment.

Application process

You will find all information about the application process on the website of the respective German Embassy of your country.

Please be aware that only a “student visa” allows you to study in Germany. If you enter Germany with a tourist visa, we will not be able to enroll you. You would have to go back to your home country and would need to apply again. Read more about special regulations on entry and residence.                                                          

The visa application process will take about 6-8 weeks! Please read more about the procedure for applying for a student visa.

Documents for the visa application

To obtain a student visa you must provide or have proof a lot of documents. You will find information about all requirements on the website of the respective German embassy of your country.

Please read and check your documents carefully, if even only one document is missing on the day of your visa appointment you will have to apply again. To get a new appointment may take weeks!  If a “blocked account” is required for the visa appointment please get in contact with a bank working in Germany as soon as possible (see more on this on the pages of the DAAD).

An application for a blocked account will take about 2-3 weeks, depending on the bank of your choice.

Where do you find your embassy?

Find a list of all German embassies here.

Study and Stay

After successful completion of your master study you may apply for a “job searching visa.” This visa will be valid for 18 months.

Requirements for application are: master certificate, proof of valid health insurance and financial background. Don´t worry, we will help you to apply for the job searching visa.

Read more about the residence permit for postgraduates.

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